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Publicity, Guest Blogging, and Interviews

Vision: A Resource for Writers, What it takes to be a publisher
Boskone Mini-Interview
Skiffy and Fanty Blog: My Superpower
Buddy's Writing Show (Youtube interview) Aug 4, 2014
Boston Globe interview July 3, 2014
Romance University-The Secret to Marketing Success (is that there's no secret)
Interview by Belinda Y. Hughes
Authors & Artists, or The Cover Conundrum
Interview in THE EXAMINER, by Rachel Desilets, April 16, 2014
The Write Stuff: An Interview
20 Questions Interview
Learning to Get Out of My Own Way: A Lesson in Unintensional Author Intrusion
An Accidental Anthology @ Heather Webb's Between the Sheets
How I Got my Literary Agent @ Guide to Literary Agents
Newton Author Brings Inspiration to Young Adult Bookshelves @ Newton Patch

The Scriptors

The Product and the Process
Staying True to the Story
Privilege: The Writer's Responsibility
Sticks, Frogs, and Drawing Boards
It takes the time it takes
Endings and Beginnings: Coping with Transitions
Art: Making a living, making a life
LJ Cohen: Stand and Deliver

Writer Unboxed:

Why I don't Count Followers, Mentions, Google Alerts, or Blog Hits Anymore
Accentuate the Positive: Hope and the Aspiring Writer
Organize your Novel with a Wiki, Part II
Organize your Novel with a Wiki, Part I

Black Ink, White Paper: (archived)

On Staying the Course
Too Stubborn for my Own Good
Losing Drama, Finding Stillness
Traditions, Rituals, and Returning Home
Dum, Dum, Dum . . . And Nothing Happened
. . .But I Play One in the Classroom
Growing Pains of the Heart
Making Room for the World
Following the Breadcrumb Trail

Amwriting Blog: (archived)

Always a Beginner
Great Expectations
Learning to Trust Myself

Op Ed Columns in The Newton Tab

Cohen: A Dog Owner's Manifesto (October 9, 2011)
Cohen: Winning the Lottery and Paying it Back (April 23, 2011)
Cohen: Winter Survival: The Driving Edition (Feb 9, 2011)
Cohen: A house Fire: Kindness, Community, and Lessons Learned (Jan 17, 2011)
Cohen: When optimism and hope prevail  (Dec 15, 2010)
Cohen: Newton: An 18-year love affair with place (Sept 28, 2010)
Cohen: This is not the Kyrgyzstan I know (June 23, 2010)
Cohen: Getting the message: Cell phones and driving (June 2, 2010)