LJ Cohen


Parallax: Halcyone Space, book 4

When a reckless young computer programmer resurrects the damaged AI on a long dormant freighter, she and her accidental crew expose explosive secrets from a war they were taught ended decades ago.

Welcome to the universe of Halcyone Space.

In the aftermath of the Ferryman's death and Lieutenant Commander Gutierrez's injuries, Ithaka has lost its most loyal protectors. The Commonwealth is coming dangerously close to discovering the lost planet's location and crushing its lingering rebellion. As Ro and her crew fall under suspicion of harboring Ithaka's secrets, they race to unlock her father's trove of encrypted data in order to find leverage against the rebellion's enemies. But knowledge brings new threats and Halcyone's crew is drawn more deeply into a conspiracy that threatens to destroy Ithaka and reignite a galactic war when they uncover the hidden power brokers who have been quietly manipulating the Commonwealth for decades.

  • Science Fiction/Space Opera/YA
  • coming June 2017
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  • "Parallax is an adrenaline rush, ripping you across the galaxy at the speed of light. LJ Cohen's seemingly effortless narrative about a galaxy drowning in corruption and rebellion features a group of teens struggling to protect not only themselves but those they love. It will take hold of you at page one and never let go. This newest installment in the Halycone Space series works perfectly as a stand alone, but you'll find yourself wanting to read the previous books after you're done!   -- K. B. Wagers, author of Behind the Throne, The Indranan War Book 1