LJ Cohen

Derelict: Halcyone Space, book 1

When Rosalen Maldonado tinkers with the derelict freighter, she's just hoping to prove she deserves a scholarship to University. She certainly doesn't count on waking the ship's damaged AI or having three stowaways, Micah Rotherwood and brothers Jem and Barre Durbin, along for the ride. They all have their private reasons for hiding aboard and lives they are seeking to escape, but if the accidental crew can't work together and learn to trust each other, they'll die together, victims of a computer that doesn't realize the war ended decades before any of them were even born.

The adventure continues in book 2, Ithaka Rising and book 3, Dreadnought And Shuttle

  • Science Fiction/Space Opera/YA
  • available in trade paperback, kindle, epub, and audiobook editions.
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  • "Cohen has real talent with character development and interaction, and prickly, defensive Ro is a sympathetic and interesting heroine." --Publishers Weekly

    "Get on board Derelict, and you'll take an edgy, nonstop flight into an audacious SF future with unremitting danger as your pilot -- and thrilling adventure your destination." --Lynn Viehl, NYT best selling author of the Stardoc and Darkyn series

    "There's something special about watching an author reach her stride. LJ Cohen has done just that in Derelict. Intricate plotting melded seamlessly with delightful characterizations kept me turning pages as fast as I could go in an attempt to keep up with the unfolding story. A cracking yarn set in a lush future I'm hoping we'll hear more of." -- Nathan Lowell, Creator of the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper and the Tanyth Fairport Adventures.

    "LJ Cohen deftly weaves together realistic teenage characters, futuristic technology, and big stakes for a real page turner." --Wen Spencer, Award winning SF&F novelist, author of the Ukiah Oregon and Elfhome series
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