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    As of November 2015, my backlist novels will be exclusively available via Amazon. (You can read why and the logistics of this change on my blog.)

    You can purchase my new releases directly from me, rather than using a retailer. Most eReaders and eReading software allow users to 'sideload' their eBooks, either via email, or using the usb connection with a computer.

    For convenience, I have provided each book in mobi (kindle-compatable), epub (all other readers), as well as a bundle with both formats (zipped file).

    I believe that when you purchase an eBook, you should have the ability to read that book on any device. For that reason, I do not use DRM (Digital Rights Management) on my eBooks, so if you download only the format you need today, but in the future, get a different eReader, you do not need to repurchase my books. You can either convert the file to the format of your choice, return to the download page, or email me your purchase receipt and I will send you the format you need.

    This goes for eBooks you may have already purchased via Amazon. If you need the file in another format, just email me with proof of purchase, and I will send it to you.

    If you have any difficulty completing the purchase, downloading the files, or loading them onto your eReader, please contact me (lisa@ljcohen.net)

  • IthakaRising

    Ithaka Rising (Halcyone Space book 2): $4.99

  • Stranger Worlds Than These

    Stranger Worlds Than These (Short stories): $0.99

    Available soon

  • Pen-Ultimate: A Speculative Fiction Anthology

    Pen-Ultimate (charity anthology): $2.99

    Available soon