LJ Cohen

Dreadnought And Shuttle: Halcyone Space, book 3

When a reckless young computer programmer resurrects the damaged AI on a long dormant freighter, she and her accidental crew expose explosive secrets from a war they were taught ended decades ago.

Welcome to the universe of Halcyone Space.

Charged with protecting Ithaka and its covert rebellion from discovery, Ro and the members of Halcyone's crew learn to lead double lives within the Commonwealth. Their plans to hide in plain sight disintegrate when Alain Maldonado -- Ro's father -- returns seeking revenge and takes a hostage to ensure their cooperation. As the former shipmates track Maldonado down, each course they plot endangers the life of his hostage, threatens to reveal Ithaka, and uncovers conspiracies that could brand them all traitors.

  • Science Fiction/Space Opera/YA (companion novel to Derelict and Ithaka Rising
  • available in trade paperback and eBook editions
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  • "If you love the kind of space story where ordinary people with flaws and fears are the heroes, and good people need to make choices in a messy and uncertain world, then DREADNOUGHT AND SHUTTLE is the kind of book you'll want to clear your evening for."   -- Audrey Faye, author of The KarmaCorp Novels

    "A fabulous and phenomenal tale! Cohen has delivered us an exhilarating one-two punch in this third book of her Halcyone Space series. Sci-fi lovers will geek out over all the techy-goodness. And for us adventure-seekers, there's a thrilling (and romantic) chase through space that will leave you happily satisfied!"   -- Janet B Taylor, author of INTO THE DIM

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